Restaurant Menu

Burgers + Dogs


Burger ----------------- 4.00 (single)                                         6.00 (double) 

with cheese ------------ 4.50 (single)                                         6.50 (double)

                                                            Beyond Burger ------ 8.50


Dog ---------------------- 2.50

  with fries -------------- 3.50

DBL play --------------- 5.50

(2 dogs + fries)

Chili Dog --------------- 3.00

Chili CHZ Dog -------- 3.50

CHZ Dog --------------- 3.00

Veggie Dog ------------ 3.00

We Deliver!


Hot Chicken Sandwich

*Ballpark Specials*

Pulled Pork Sandwich       8.00

Slow roasted pork with Stella's own spicy BBQ sauce on a bed of coleslaw. Served on pretzel bun. Completely homemade!



NASHVILLE Hot Chicken Sandwich    8.50                               

Spicy chicken fried thigh filet dusted with hot sauce powder, served on Texas toast with sweet pickles. Served with a side of coleslaw.        


Korean BBQ Steak Sandwich   8.50

Korean style BBQ steak sandwich topped with a quick Korean kimchee cabbage slaw, thinly sliced green onions and radish then finished off with a sprinkle of sesame seeds.

Fried Chicken in a Waffle Cone   7.75

Crispy buttermilk fried chicken nuggets made from scratch, buttery mashed potatoes served with salted maple honey butter in a waffle cone.                                                                            


Poutine   6.50

Fries topped with white cheddar curds, Italian beef, gravy made from the beef jus + giardiniera.          


Anna's Meatball Parm   7.75

Anna's homemade baseball-sized meatballs, SMASHED!, breaded then deep fried. Topped with homemade red sauce, melted mozzarella, parmesan + basil. Served on a toasted bun.                                                         

Soft Shell Crab Sandwich   8.50

Crispy fried soft shell crab topped with pickled red onion and cabbage slaw then dressed with Old Bay mayo.     

The Cubano Sandwich    8.00

Slow roasted pork with our specialty mojo sauce with smoked ham, Swiss, mustard & pickles on a toasted pressed sub bun    

*Prices and menu items are subject to change




Korean BBQ Steak Sandwich


-Corned Beef   

7.00 (1/4lb)   

12.00 (1/2lb)


7.50 (1/4lb)     

13.00 (1/2lb)     

-Italian Beef   6.00

-Italian Sausage   4.75

-Combo   7.50

(Combination of Italian Beef + Italian Sausage)

-Patty Melt                             

4.50 (1/4lb)       

7.00 (1/2lb)                    

-Polish   4.50                    

-Grilled 3 CHZ   3.75                

(American, Swiss, Mozzarella)

-Grilled Chicken Sub   6.50

(on either white or wheat, comes with lettuce, tomato, onions, olives,

pickles, mayo & Italian dressing)

*70 CENTS for toppings and sauces including sweet peppers, giardiniera, red sauce,         





Cubano Sandwich

Pulled Pork Sandwich

Shrimp Tempura Roll

Spicy Tuna Roll


GARDEN SALAD                      4.50
           add chicken                        2.50
SPICY TUNA ROLL                  7.50

CALIFORNIA ROLL                 6.50




FRIES                                   2.49
CHZ FRIES                          3.59
CHZ STICKS                       4.20
ONION RINGS                   2.75
PIZZA PUFF                        3.00
NACHOS                             5.00
SOFT PRETZEL                   5.00
CHILI                                    3.50
COLESLAW                          0.70
          6PC                             4.00
         10PC                            6.00
MANDU (potstickers)         4.75


Soda                          1.75
Bottled Water           1.55
Gatorade                  2.25
Chilly Willy              3.15
Coca-Cola bottle    2.65
Coffee                      2.70
Iced Tea                   2.50
lLemonade Fizz      2.50

Miller Lite                3.00
Modelo                     3.50
Anti-Hero               5.00
Corona (16oz)         5.00
Coors Light (16oz)  4.50



Cone/Cup             2.10

Shake                     2.50

Float                       3.00

Flurrie                    3.00

Malt                        3.00

Italian Ice

      8oz.                   2.25

      12oz.                 2.95


*Availability of  "Sweets"

may be Seasonal